Master Key Systems

Master key systems are a prefect service to have completed if you want the most convenient access throughout your commercial location possible. A master key system can be developed using your existing hardware, or through the installation of brand new locks. What our technician is able to do is adjust the pins inside of your locks so that every lock can be opened by one 'master key' in addition to a key which works individually for that lock. This allows for managers and business owners to access every lock with just one key, while still being able to provide individual lock access to the employees who need it.

Master Key Systems Offer Security and Convenience

Rather than having to lug around a large key ring, master key systems allow you to have just one key to access every lock in your business. Normally, one would think that this added convenience comes with a security concern, however this is not the case. Managers are still able to delegate individual keys for each lock so that authorized employees can access the areas they need. Overall master key systems keep sensitive areas of the business off limits to low level employees. Speak directly with our professional technician to discuss the specific needs of your commercial location. With years of experience and training, he is able to develop unique security solutions which are specifically tailored to the security needs of your business. View the other commercial locksmith services we offer which can upgrade your business's security in Chicago.

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