Commercial Lock Services

As a business owner, commercial security is probably one of your top concerns. Whether it be securing your property, your personal business information, or the confidential information of any customers or clients, your security is the only concern of Stallion Locksmith & Security’s commercial locksmith.  We take pride in being one of the top commercial locksmiths in Chicago with professional technicians standing by 24/7 to assist you in getting your commercial security to your desired levels.  From professional lock installations to master key systems, or even closed circuit television installation, our qualified technicians are the ones to call for any commercial services that you may need completed. If you find yourself in need of  an emergency service, we have technicians available immediately with a response time as low as 20 minutes, or you can schedule an appointment for service for a time that best fits your busy schedule.

Master Key Systems

master key system

Ditch the large key ring and have a master key system installed at your business.


Professional Lock Installation

Do not choose just any contractor for commercial lock installation choose our professionals.

Do not choose just any contractor for commercial lock installation choose our professionals.



Professional Lock Installation

When ensuring that your business is properly secured, there are two major aspects that have to be taken into effect. Firstly, it is vital to choose the appropriate locks for both your location and budget; secondly, it is important to make certain that your locks are properly installed by a professional.  When you request  service from one of our qualified mobile technicians, we can guarantee that the technician will come equipped with a wide array of locks for you to choose from. These locks will vary in price as well as security level. Once you have selected the locks that best fit your needs, there is no other way to guarantee positive results than to have a professional lock installation service completed. Our technicians have all the appropriate tools to install your locks on the spot, so they can assure you that your business will never be left unsecure waiting for technicians to get parts or tools for the job.  We can ensure that your professional lock installation will be properly completed with the best materials and tools to secure the longest possible lifespan for your commercial locks.

Stallion Locksmith and Security offers these commercial locksmith services.
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Commercial Locksmith Services

In addition to lock installations, we offer a myriad of commercial services. We understand that at businesses it is of great importance to grant-as well as limit-access of certain rooms and areas to specific employees. That is why we offer a service to complete a master key system. When executing a master key system, our technician will rekey your existing locks so that they can all be operated by one ‘master key’. They are also able to delegate individual lock access to other keys in the system to allow owners to have convenient one key access, while still giving lower-level employees the access they need to complete their job. Here at Stallion Locksmith & Security we also have technicians that can perform the professional lock installation of a push bar to ensure that your business is up to date on building codes. Closed circuit television (CCTV) is another golden aspect of commercial security and our commercial technicians are trained to properly install a system for you.  This will allow you to monitor all the proceedings that take place at your business, even from the comfort of your own home.  We even have technicians that can install and service safes, cabinet locks, display locks, as well as desk locks to ensure that any important and confidential paperwork, as well as any merchandise is secure within your business. Contact us today to be connected with a commercial locksmith technician who can further discuss your security needs with you.

No matter the type of commercial services that you may need completed you can always turn to a technician from Stallion Locksmith & Security to get the job done right. From professional lock installations to higher level services like closed circuit television, our commercial locksmith is available to assist you 24/7. Contact us today at (312) 809-9897 and a technician can be on the scene in as little as 20 minutes, or one of our friendly customer service associates can schedule an appointment time that works best with your busy schedule.

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