Home Security During the Holidays

On the South Side, Chicago Sun-Times reports that police have issued a community alert after a string of robberies has occurred targeting residences all within the same general area. There have been four reported burglaries since October 23rd. With the holiday season approaching, these burglaries are extremely alarming because many people are stocking up on gifts, trinkets, and gift cards to hand out amongst their loved ones. This means that your home becomes even more of a target for those who are looking to get a five-finger discount on their holiday shopping. Thievery is already an issue we deal with on a daily basis, but as we delve further into the holiday season, the issue only worsens.  According to the FBI, approximately 400,000 burglaries occur in the United States during the months of November and December alone.

The burglaries have all occurred within a few days of each other, but all incidences vary in the time that they took place. However, they have all taken place at times that the house should have either been unoccupied or the occupants would have been sleeping: during school and work hours, extremely early in the morning or very late at night. In each incident the suspect broke in through forced entry and stole property or threatened any occupants. He is said to be a black man in his mid twenties to thirty, around average height, 150 pounds, with a medium complexion and short black hair.

We here at Stallion Locksmith & Security understand how important the safety of your home, loved ones, and holiday gifts are to you, so we have gathered some tips to better help you feel protected and secure knowing that you can count on a quality locksmith Chicago technician to keep you safe this holiday season. 

  • If traveling during the holidays it is always best to make it appear like someone is always home. Leave your vehicle secured in the driveway with any valuables put away, leave blinds and drapes closed, put your lights on a solar timer, or always leave a porch light on. If you do not have someone to stop by and pick up any mail, put a hold on deliveries until you return.
  • Do not announce on social media that you are going away during the holidays. Just like criminals get ridiculed for putting too much information online and bragging about their crimes, posting your every move for others to see makes your unattended home a sitting duck for burglaries.
  • Install motion sensor lights and solar powered lamps outside so your residence is always well lit.  It is a huge turn-off to thieves if they don’t have any shadows to lurk in when trying to break into your home.
  • Have a residential locksmith technician come to your home and inspect the security of your locks. Many burglars will pose as appliance servicemen during the day as an excuse to get an idea of the security level of your home. Unlocked windows and weak, basic, low security grade locks are like a jackpot to them. A qualified locksmith Chicago technician can help you spot any weaknesses as well as provide you with solutions to quickly get your home’s security up to par.
  • Unplug any garage door openers when traveling. Thieves can use a universal remote to try and hack into your garage door openers. An unplugged opener is unable to be hacked because its power source has been cut off.
  • Do not flaunt your shiny new gifts. As much as you may want to show off the new flat screen television you just got, it is a poor idea to throw the box on the curb for any prying eyes to see what new devices you have in your home. Instead, cut boxes up and be sure to dispose of them in a black trash bag.  
  • When traveling, try to lock all valuable belongings up in a secure safe to ensure that if someone does happen to break in that they will not be able to take anything of great importance to you. If you need any assistance with installing or upgrading a safe you can have a qualified safe technician from Stallion Locksmith & Security there within minutes to assist you.

One of the best defenses against a home intruder is a strong, high security lock. Something as simple as a different lock can help to keep intruders at bay. If the victims of the past few burglaries on the South Side had better security features on their homes it could have prevented some costly and unfortunate events.  If you do find that your home has been burglarized one of your first steps aside from contacting the police, is to call a reliable locksmith Chicago technician immediately to have an emergency locksmith there within minutes to change your locks and help you feel more secure. This holiday season, it is best to keep these tips in mind as they will help you keep your home, family, and presents safe. Give Stallion Locksmith and Security a call today at (312)-809-9897 to set up an appointment today with a residential locksmith technician to help you with all your home security needs.

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