Rural Burglaries Leave Citizens on Edge

Rural towns and areas are always under the impression that they live in a safe and isolated enough area that they do not have to worry about unwanted visitors and home intruders. Generally they do not worry about locking their doors, and the thought of purchasing a home security system is outlandish, but lately, in Kankakee County that sense of safety and security is starting to dissolve. For the past couple of weeks there have been a string of home invasions by who are presumed to be repeat offenders taking advantage of the lax environment in Kankakee and surrounding rural towns.


According to ABC7 Eyewitness News, the perpetrators go around in broad daylight and knock on doors to see if residents are home.  If the door is answered then they act as if they are lost and need assistance find their way to Interstate 57 or 55, those are odd questions to be asked in that area. If no one answers the door then the thieves proceed to break into the homes and make way with anything they find of value. Some of the items reported stolen are cash, credit cards, jewelry, electronics, and guns. No one has been identified or arrested in connection with the burglaries and the thieves are starting to branch out to other rural towns such as Essex and Bonfield.  


It is frightening to not feel secure in one’s own home, and we here at Stallion Locksmith & Security know how important it is for you to keep your family and home safe. We offer a myriad of residential locksmith and commercial locksmith services to help you keep not only your home safe, but your business as well. Stallion Locksmith & Security offers 24 hour emergency service, so in the unfortunate event that you have found your home or business broken into, we have technicians on call 24/7 to head out there with a response time as little as 20 minutes to assist you with new locks and provide a free estimate for any further security measures you may want to take.  


One of our residential locksmith technicians can assist you with changing the locks on your home to ones that are of a safe serviceshigher security grade and can help put your mind at ease knowing that you are safer from being targeted by intruders. We also specialize in security surveillance systems that work to not only keep a visual record of what takes place at your home or business, but it also poses as a threat to potential thieves and stops them dead in their tracks when they see the cameras or even just the warning signs for them. In addition to that we also offer safe services and can install a safe as well as change the locks on it to one of a higher quality to ensure your valuables are secured and protected. If you have any questions about our service please do not hesitate to give us a call as we feel that the safety and happiness of the members of our community is extremely important to us. We have specialists on call 24/7 to assist you with any needs you may have at (312) 809-9897.

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