Master Key Systems Offer Convenience

For commercial locations it is not only desired to have security, but also to have convenient access to different areas of the location. There are a number of different lock models and configurations which can effect the ease of access which employees have. One option is to have a master key system installed at your commercial location. Not only does a master key system allow for you to unlock every lock with just one convenient key, but it also allows you to keep sensitive areas secure. Master key systems can be scaled for both business big and small for a number of different possibilities. Stallion Locksmith & Security will examine how a master key system can be effective and exactly how a system functions.

How does a master key system work?

A master key system is a convenient way to enable tiered access at your business location, but you may be curious exactly how a master key system works. Inside of a traditional lock, the height of pins determines whether a key is able to engage and disengage the lock. In a master key system, locks which are higher in the system will be able to access a larger number of locks within that system. By adjusting the pins inside of the lock to a certain height, our locksmith can enable to different keys to access the same lock, while one of the keys (the one which is higher on the system) will be able to access additional locks. Master key systems can be developed in two ways. The first is less labor intensive, but comes with a larger hardware cost. Based on the system that you want, lock cylinders can be ordered and installed to create the master key system. Additionally, a locksmith can use your existing locks and adjust the pins manually to create the master key system. Generally, the manual installation of a master key system is only used on relatively small master key systems.

Master Key Systems Create Convenience

chicago master key systemTo the right, you see an example master key system pictured. With just three different keys, a locksmith is able to offer customized access to individuals for a number of access points throughout the business. The owner, or a high level manager, would control the keys on the top level of the master key system. The keys at this level would provide access to every lock in the business including the company safe, office, bathroom and front door. On the second tier would be the access for mid-level managers. These managers would be able to have just one key to open all of the locks they need access to, while still preventing those keys from being used on the company's safe. Finally, the lowest level of access can be provided to the remaining employees. This, once again, allows them to use just one key to access the areas which they need to but allows for higher level managers to do the same. The master key system pictured to the right is just one example of the convenient access that you can establish with a master key system. Based on the needs of your business, a plan can be developed which will seamlessly fit into your business's structure. In order to determine which options are available for your business, contact a security professional. They will be able to work with you to determine which structure will work best for the needs of your business, while offering the most amount of convenience.

As mentioned above, the best way to determine the master key system structure that will work best for your business is to contact a security professional. Based on the needs, and usage, of your business a locksmith will be able to provide you with a system that best fits your needs. Stallion Locksmith & Security is one security company in Chicago which can provide you with a master key system. Our professional locksmiths are committed to providing you security solutions which not only keep your business secure, but allow for the most convenience possible. Competitive rates offered by Stallion Locksmith & Security allow for you to get a master key system for your commercial location without having to break your budget.

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